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Random Blog Entries

Wednesday letter

Wednesday letter, August 15 2018

Hello World, Welcome once again to my regular life, here you’ll find a list of my thoughts: I’ve been working on the Spanish website and haven’t much time for hanging new products on eBay. Soon I’ll hang more products. Regarding selling directly on our own website; for now, only the courses and repair services (not […]

Understanding nucleation as a process and what divers can do to mitigate it.

Wednesday letter What’s new: I added the following text on the physiology course: Divers have a generalized concept that decompression bubbles form with ascent and reduced its sizes with a decrease in ambient pressure but this isn’t completely accurate, tiny microbubbles are already present prior depressurization. Which means that two factors should be present for […]

Wednesday letter

Wednesday letter. January 20, 2018

Hello world! Welcome to Wednesday Saturday Letter, a list of what I’m doing or pondering. What I’m reading — Michael is a wonderful and accomplished tech diver, under his belt have inspiring and delighting diving articles. Recently he published on FaceBook a list of them. Enjoy!   About Michael: I write, play music, make art, produce […]

World Record Rebreather Dive Oct 28th 2004 (Author: Dave Shaw)

If you’re frequent reader, you’d noticed that we review events occurred at the diving community. Because history should be studied and comprehend, for two main reason: first, “learn from it” and secondly, to know where we came from. Without further ado, let’s get into this wonderful article lost in time over the net (printed as […]