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Random Blog Entries

Figure 1

Understanding the conclusion of a comparative evaluation of two decompression procedures for technical diving using inflammatory responses: Compartmental versus Ratio Deco.

First, immunology isn’t a completed understood field, is an area of active research and still discovering its working mechanism. Keeping that in mind, I’m going to help you understand the concepts of this study. The conclusion of this study was based on inflammatory response to decompression, which is an indicator of how the organism react […]


Education is the main vehicle of change, give us knowledge of out surroundings so we can make informed decisions. Education will bring better societies, better human beings. It feels right when we watched that despite our today’s political situation, someone came here to teach and evaluate our aspiring diving instructors. This should be celebrate. As […]

SSI News

CCR program development for the rVO units, this in accordance with The Rebreather Training Council (RTC). RTC is the body representing training agencies providing courses for divers using rebreathers. The RTC has just published its first training standard which indicates the minimum requirements for a level of training. This first standard is named the RTC Rebreather […]

Update, January 20, 2018

Hello world! Welcome to Wednesday Saturday Letter, a list of what I’m doing or pondering. What I’m reading — Michael is a wonderful and accomplished tech diver, under his belt have inspiring and delighting diving articles. Recently he published on FaceBook a list of them. Enjoy!   About Michael: I write, play music, make art, produce […]

Update, Dec 12, 2017

Hi All! Welcome to Wednesday letter, a list of what I’m doing or pondering.  What I’m reading — I’d read this article about how different dive computers give you different results even when they used the same algorithm. The author concluded in his article: “The objective was to demonstrate that tables and computers give different […]