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Our training is focused on educating divers in the appropriate working skills that are required to start working in the area of choice and develop advanced skills and knowledge for those who need moves forward within their career. Our educational methods are proven and at the same time we encourage new ways of learning giving our students a significant advantage over other divers in the industry, therefore providing a solid education from which they could build up a successful profession and be leaders in their communities.

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Every lesson and course are free for all; the only difference between someone who subscribed and donated or took classes with me is, the personal assistance in any question in the matter of the material exposed.
We recommend you that with any online course you take, you should be engaged in a classroom course on any of the diving agencies that our staff are members.

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You can participate, ask question and interact with other participants in the discussion panel of each course.



The library is a collection of sources of information about diving, researched, technical diving, scientific diving, archaeology, physiology, public safety, etc.

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The following scientific project is on initial stage:

“Dominance in cardiac parasympathetic activity during real recreational Diving on divers with hypertension”

Status: looking for grant, cardiologist and field project manager onboard. Volunteers divers: 2 out 10.

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This section provides an overview of how the human body responds to the varied conditions of diving.

Describe diving-related medical symptoms.

Which procedures you may take to diminish the probability of Decompression illness.

A visual guided view with quiz for Poseidon rebreathers and rebreathers in general.

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How to plan and use Cochran dive computers and how to use analysis diving software to plan dives.

Current status: Start, no visible to the public.

A discipline within archaeology as a whole that specifically studies human interaction with the sea, lakes and rivers through the study of associated physical remains.

Introduction to public safety diving and develop the necessary knowledge for those who take administrative decision on public dive teams.

Develop the necessary skills and concepts to successfully identify common families reef fish.

Develop the concepts and skills to understand how to repair scuba regulators. Lesson one ready, check it out on our Patreon page.


Ascent Rate, 60ft./min.?

Have you ever asked to your instructor how was calculated/ came-up-with the ascent rate of the tables or computer that you used? Do you think it reflects basic fact of human physiology? Well, the short answer is no. The selection was made by the USA NAVY based on a compromised between work and safety. At […]

UNESCO Convention on the Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage

Understanding the importance of underwater archaeology

Understanding the importance of underwater archaeology: An abstract The sea level has influenced humans since the beginning. The action associated with the rise of body water (glacial- interglacial climatic cycle) changed the paleography of the continental shelf which means that one-time marine environments now can be populate it by human (even for prehistoric human occupation). […]

Carlos, Andy and Nestor

Wednesday letter. January 20, 2018

Hello world! Welcome to Wednesday Saturday Letter, a list of what I’m doing or pondering. What I’m reading — Michael is a wonderful and accomplished tech diver, under his belt have inspiring and delighting diving articles. Recently he published on FaceBook a list of them. Enjoy!   About Michael: I write, play music, make art, produce […]

Wednesday letter. January 10, 2018

Hello world! Welcome to Wednesday letter, a list of what I’m doing or pondering. What I’m learning- it was a surprise to find this (https://youtu.be/JlX4yuP3XK0) wonderful channel on YouTube. The channel is promoted as a calisthenics learning project; which is, a very good description of it. But it is also about personal growth. I’m doing […]