I’m currently engaged in making possible the following diving academy project:

A Diving Academy which provides a comprehensive range of underwater educational programs aimed for the professional including all limbs, which are: public safety, scientific and archaeological diving.

Our training is focused on educating divers in the appropriate working skills that are required to start working in the area of choice and develop advanced skills and knowledge for those who need moves forward within their career. Our educational methods are proven and at the same time we encourage new ways of learning giving our students a significant advantage over other divers in the industry, therefore providing a solid education from which they could build up a successful profession and be leaders in their communities.

Colleges and universities:

Our main pursue is working under the umbrella of universities and public entities. Also will be promoting and stimulating ecotourism and scientific knowledge to the community, incentive and lead scientific projects that have positive impact to our society.

The reason why we want to work directly with the universities is that there are no consensus in the diving industry regarding how these kind of courses should be imparted, in our understanding, the best way to proceed on this endeavor is elaborate academic curricula accredited by international colleges.

We have well documented experienced in developing/ reviewing standards and materials for courses and ensuring regulatory compliance with public institutions.


If you’re interested in the project please contact me by email.



Carlos Lander

Carlos Lander