An insightful conversation with Anna Kozlova. A videographer, an adventurer and a storyteller.

Anna Kozlova

Anna is an enthusiastic, experienced diver and underwater videographer. With a background in science and additional education in cinematography. 9 years of diving experience, 8 of them as technical diver and
underwater videographer. More than 1000 logged dives. Creative with a natural sense of frame composition. Anna is a storyteller.


• Documentary ‘Away from school’, Russia, 2014; editor, camera operator, scriptwriter.
• Documentary ‘The urban savages’, Russia, 2013; camera operator.
• Documentary ‘The winemaking’, Russia, 2013; camera operator, editor.
• Documentary ‘The magic colours of the sea’, Russia, 2010; underwater camera operator, editor.
• Documentary ‘The Blue Hole’, Russia, 2009; underwater camera operator.
• TV series ‘Underwater with Anna Kozlova’, TV7, Russia, 2008-2009; underwater camera operator,
narrative writer.
• TV series ‘The ultimate depth’, TV7, Russia, 2008-2009; underwater camera operator.
• TV series ‘The world explorers club’, TV7, Russia, 2008-2009; camera operator, narrative writer.
• Multiple articles in diving magazines.

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