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Estándares y lineamientos  

Grupos de buceo de seguridad publica Necesitamos estándares nacionales?   Formar un grupo de Seguridad Pública requiere un esfuerzo monetario y educativo. Ambos factores son claves para el éxito; más aún, mantener un grupo ya formado requiere al menos un flujo constante de recursos.   En este ensayo, quiero discutir las adversidades que representa la formación de […]

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Ascent Rate, 60ft./min.?

Have you ever asked to your instructor how was calculated/ came-up-with the ascent rate of the tables or computer that you used? Do you think it reflects basic fact of human physiology? Well, the short answer is no. The selection was made by the USA NAVY based on a compromised between work and safety. At […]

Mike Cochran

End of an era, Cochran Undersea Technology is no more

NAVY and Mike:
One of the leader in dive industry has closed the door. It is sad moment, because much of the investigations, conversations and technologies that was furge during decades aren’t available anymore. As tribute I’m going to publish a series of articles that reflects decades of investigations and advancement and development.


Education is the main vehicle of change, give us knowledge of out surroundings so we can make informed decisions.

Active Sensor Validation (ASV)

Active Sensor Validation-allow the manual  injection of diluent gas directly on the oxygen sensors at any point during a dive. This  feature served two functions: it purged any condensation that might have accumulated  on the sensors (thereby restoring function to sensors blocked by a film of water on the  sensing membrane) and, more importantly, it exposed the oxygen sensors to a known  fraction of oxygen.

Carlos Lander

Happy New Year

Thank you for your support over these two year journey; as a one person enterprise it hasn’t been easy, between programing- writing – translations and researching for contents; I haven’t much time for good editing. Plus my regular life (all an adventure on its own), I have my hands full. Nonetheless I appreciate all of […]

Update, January 20, 2018

Hello world! Welcome to Wednesday Saturday Letter, a list of what I’m doing or pondering. What I’m reading — Michael is a wonderful and accomplished tech diver, under his belt have inspiring and delighting diving articles. Recently he published on FaceBook a list of them. Enjoy!   About Michael: I write, play music, make art, produce […]

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Taller de Carlos Lander
El taller de reparación

Cursos de buceo

Para principiantes y avanzados con inclinación a profundizar y dominar las habilidades necesarias para hacer de esta actividad una herramienta de diversión segura.
Si esto te describe eres mi alumno ideal.
Clases de buceo especiales para bíologos, científicos, arqueólogos, seguridad pública.

Carlos, Andy and Nestor
Carlos, Andy y Nestor
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