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Effect of immersion, submersion, and scuba diving on heart rate variability

Abstract Background—Heart rate variability (HRV) describes the cyclic variations in heart rate and others a non-invasive tool for investigating the modulatory effects of neural mechanisms elicited by the autonomic nervous system on intrinsic heart rate.

Dominance in cardiac parasympathetic activity during real recreational SCUBA diving

Abstract: It was already established that exposure to hyperbaric conditions induces vagal-depended bradycardia but Weld study on autonomic nervous system (ANS) activity during self-contained underwater breathing apparatus (SCUBA) diving is lacking. The aim of the present study was to evaluate ANS modification during real recreational SCUBA diving using heart rate variability analysis (time-domain, frequency-domain and […]

Dive Computer Validation Procedures

Summary The results of the Validation of Dive Computers Workshop, convened by the Baromedical and Environmental Physiology Group of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology on 24 August 2011 in Gdansk, Poland are reported in this volume. The workshop objectives were to discuss the validation of dive computers for use by working (commercial inshore) […]

Modeling Physiology

Stabilized bubbles in the body: pressure-radius relationships and the limits to stabilization HUGH D. VAN LIEW AND SOUMYA RAYCHAUDHURI Department of Physiology, University at Buffalo, State University of New York, Buffalo, New York 14214 Van Liew, Hugh D., and Soumya Raychaudhuri. Stabilized bubbles in the body: pressure-radius relationships and the limits to stabilization. J. Appl. […]

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