Happy New Year

Thank you for your support over these two year journey; as a one person enterprise it hasn’t been easy, between programing- writing – translations and researching for contents; I haven’t much time for good editing. Plus my regular life (all an adventure on its own), I have my hands full. Nonetheless I appreciate all of you who are interested in what I wrote or said.

I try to combine all passions here, from diving, archaeology, biology, decompression, history and so on. My deepest fear is leaving this world without making any difference. I want to look back and tell my son, wife and the rest of the family that I did the best I could to explore this world, to share my thoughts and to be the best version of myself. I want that my kid someday read this and feel the same as I did:

“This World and the Cosmos are worth to explore, it’s fascinating. And family is the best reason for be alive.”

Family snapshot


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