Update, January 20, 2018

Hello world!

Welcome to Wednesday Saturday Letter, a list of what I’m doing or pondering.

What I’m reading —

Michael is a wonderful and accomplished tech diver, under his belt have inspiring and delighting diving articles. Recently he published on FaceBook a list of them. Enjoy!  

About Michael:

I write, play music, make art, produce shows, dive, give talks, LOVE, ponder existence, and a lot of other things!

Tech stuff: My first computer was an IBM 360/30 mainframe with 2 tire-sized hand-mounted hard disks. The year 1971. Before that: chemistry sets, microscopes, telescopes, magnifying glasses, line and optical morse-code handsets, a DIY crystal-radio receiver I built for Boy Scout merit badge, FUN,magnifying glasses, an invisible snorkel,a spaceship that didn’t fly (very young). MY first published work: I interviewed my kindergarten classmate johnny silverman about his experiences traveling to Mars, wrote his story, illustrated it, and bound it in a soft cover book. But i digress.


To Err Is Human: So How Do We Improve Diving Safety? Shearwater Blog


Project Baseline: Facilitating Needed Underwater Science, X-Ray Mag


The Race to save The Greatest Library on Earth, Alert Diver:


The New Pointy End of Diving, Alert Diver:


Let’s Talk About UW Communication Systems, X-Ray Mag:


In My Element: The Joy of Swimming, Fourth Element Blog

Waiting for post

Paul Toomer and Raiders of the Lost Art, DIVER mag:


Pushing The Altitude: The Quest To Document The SS Tahoe, X-Ray Mag:


Hold Your Breath, Fourth Element Blog


Eliminating The Helium Penalty, Shearwater Blog


Oxygen Sensing in Rebreather Diving, Alert Diver


Do You Know What You Are Breathing?, Alert Diver


New tech tool I’m enjoying —

I’m digging MySSI app, it’s well cooked.

The app show you a complete list of tables and charts, form example: diving accident management flowchart, SSI air and EAN tables, CNS clock table and EAD tables. Also have an interesting section for news and events and you can download some cool videos.


What’s new

I met with Andy Egan the past week, what a wonderful person it is. A very interesting and knowledgeable guy. He was evaluating a bunch of students in the instructor program at SSI. I did enjoy his company a lot, thanks Andy!

This past week remember me when I did my first IDC, back them I was nervous at hell but confident that we will pass the exams with good grades. Anyway, congrats to all students that had become instructors this past week. I did enjoy all your company as well!

On the photograph: from left to right: Me, Andy and Nestor

Carlos, Andy and Nestor

Quote of the Day — No pun intended 😉

I changed the conditions of the test. I don’t like to lose.

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