What computer we use?

I used three brands of dive computers, Cochran Dive Computers, DiveSoft and AV1. All brands are well established and use well proved algorithm:

Dive Freedom

(DiveSoft) computers are state-of-the-art instruments that emphasized on the user interface and robust material design. Use a well proven decompression model (ZHL-16) with the possibility of setting gradient factors and Pyle stops, contains easily operated buttons and  precise mechanical design.

Four software choices are available, all corresponding to the training levels of the majority of the training systems. All you need to do is buy the upgrade code software and unlock its potentials. All is made over the internet with your dive computer and pc. Also used a rechargeable Li-Ion battery and TTF display.

For more information read the Data sheet.

Price will depend on the model, form US$619 up to US$ 989.

If you have any question, feel free to doing so below.

You can buy Divesoft products from me, keep in mind that this is a small business but I will teach you how to use it, manipulate it and how to take advantage from it knowing all its resources.







AV1 Dive Computer

– supported gases: any composition / air, Nitrox, Trimix and Heliox;
– regimes: Open Circuit, Closed Circuit, Gauge;
– algorithm Buhlmann ZHL-16C, Gradient Factor model, 16 compartments;
– automatic switch-off after 2 minute surfacing;
– 8 gases for Open Circuit (OC) and Closed Circuit (CCR);
– convenient system of gas choice/change;
– opportunity to switch between OC and CCR during the dive;
– gas mixes or one gas can be added or changed during the dive;
– computer is not blocked during the dive when diving regime is violated;
– automatic switching between setpoints (can be set by user);
– 3 adjusted setpoints in Closed Circuit regime: High, Low and Deco;
– computer software can be upgraded via USB port;
– 100 dives’ logbook, detailed logbook – for 100 hours in nonvolatile memory;
– logging interval – 10 seconds;
– all warnings and diver’s actions are recorded;
– information can be downloaded to a personal computer;
– CNS level indicator;
– digital indicator of descending/ascending speed;
– multi-level planner, required gas and CCR bailout calculation;
– opportunity to look through all forthcoming decompression stops during the dive;
– dive simulator;
– Gauge regime;
– maximal tested depth – 200 meters;
– LiPo accumulator, charging via USB port from any power source;
– dimensions 90x65x28;
– weight 0.27 kg.

AV1 Dive Computer

A look into the past (updated November 2019)

Cochran is no longer actively selling diving computers, so it’s behind in the past. But nonetheless it is a one of the best design ever made and robust. Overall what I loved “the most” was the algorithm and its implementations.

The conceptual design was very distinctive from the rest, Cochran has a military  mindset and other brands has a tech-recreational mindset. That doesn’t mean that Cochran wasn’t used by recreational divers; by all means, I used it in countable dives with strongly success. But the “automatic switch” between gases was a concept that not everyone understood and didn’t know how to use it.

I still use all of my Cochran Computers. Anyway, If you want to grasp one of these computers, maybe I can still do something for you or look into their website.

EMC- 20H

EMC- 20H

For more information read the manual.

Cochran sold it last model in $US 700 directly on the website

For more information call me at:

U.S. (786)401-9044

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