Hello World,

Welcome once again to my regular life, here you’ll find a list of my thoughts:

I’ve been working on the Spanish website and haven’t much time for hanging new products on eBay. Soon I’ll hang more products.

Regarding selling directly on our own website; for now, only the courses and repair services (not yet). Everything else on eBay, a link is on the menu.

What are you doing at night before bed, do you have a routine or ritual?

For example, I’m taking a few minutes before bed to drink a herbs tea while I’m evaluating my day, also I look for one thing to be thankful and check for a podcast to listen while falling asleep.

I’m starting to digging again podcasts and I’m really enjoying it, and this is why that I’m thinking on start my own podcast, maybe Wednesday letter should be a podcast or have some version of it. What do you think?

Below you’ll find a small list of some of my favorites, also I’m using Podbean app on Android and iOS:

I’m not an underwater photographer per se, I’m only do it at work, but land photography took my attention in the past month, so I’m posting some of them on Instagram, check it out: @carloslander

That is all for today…


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