Mike Anghera, Diving Safety Officer

UCLA Scientific Diving Program and The American Academy of Underwater Sciences

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Mike is the Diving Safety Officer of the scientific diving program at UCLA.

The UCLA Scientific Diving Program provides training, logistics and support for faculty, staff and student reseachers at UCLA. All diving policies and procedures are based on the diving standards set forth by the UC Los Angeles Diving Control Board and the American Association of Underwater Scientists. All research diving projects and divers diving under the auspices of UCLA must be qualified and authorized according to the UCLA/AAUS Standards and abide with the current version of the UCLA Diving Safety Manual.

Mike is the Appointed Director of The American Academy of Underwater Sciences (AAUS).

I want to thanks AAUS for letting me conduct this interview and the opportunity to reach Mike.


Mike is a candid individual, easy to talk with, a vast of knowledge. I was and felt very comfortable during the interview, Mike took the time to explain everything and, in some occasions more than once.


Bellow is a list of audio files that are divided by subject.

Who is Mike Anghera

Mike Anghera

Changes in the Scientific and education community according with Mike’s experienced

Mike Anghera part 2

Tell me all about your own research?

Mike Anghera part 3

Political view of the local government on the subject of sea level rise

Mike Anghera part 4

UCLA and AAUS relationship with other countries or entities

Mike Anghera part 5

Are you involved on getting resources for your programs?

Mike Anghera part 6
Mike Anghera part 6.1

Regarding certifications

Part 7 (Procedures)
Part 7.1 (An example of certification management)

Get to know Mike a little more…

Morning routine


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