Life as a professional poo diver

Next time you’re having a shit day at work, spare a thought for Australia’s professional poo divers. They suit up and dive down into toxic ponds of excrement to make sure the country’s sewerage processing plants are running well.

Learning throughout experiences

My kid and I went fishing and snorkeling the past weekend. We did what in modern parental psychology is called: “quality time“. But what is important with these kind of activities is what both may learn from each other and the opportunity to answer all kind of weird questions that my kid may had to… […]

“Flow by Piston” Sabes qué significa?

Why some files, post and library are only for Patreon supporters? Run and programming a website is costly and time consuming. This website is made and maintain entirely by me; as I don’t believe in ads, I need some sort of compensation that help me to keep running the site. A direct donation is the […]

Paradas profundas (Pyle) y como programarlas en el ordenador Freedom

Paradas profundas es un término acuñado por la comunidad de buceo técnico que denota la utilización de paradas arbitrariamente insertadas a una profundidad mayor a la que el algoritmo prescribe, comúnmente cualquier algoritmo Neo-Haldane (gas disuelto), pero particularmente ZHL-16 (b,c). sin embargo quien primero reportó su uso e implementación fue el biólogo Richard L. Pyle.