Risk Management

Risk management is key to becoming a good diver, applying good concepts of risk management, divers learn to establish realistic objectives.

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Some of the questions require a dive planner sheet and IANTD tables. You can use the last encyclopedia.



Visual indicators of stress include, but not limited to:


Is the level of discomfort a factor to manage on your overall dive plan?


Is Equipment Configuration part of the risk evaluation and management process?


Which factors should you evaluate on the risk management process?


The first step on dive planning is a list of all associated risks with the dive?


Which step of the management process do you prepare a plan of action that cover with the known stress of the dive?


Which step of the management process do you determine which risk are acceptable to you


The fourth and Last steps of the dive planning are: Outline your equipment needs and develop an operational plan


Visualization is a tool for developing mental control that will help you to achieve better performance skills?


Efficient respiration is vital for development good discipline when using scuba gear?