Diving has all the required elements to be a family activity. If you want to introduce your kids to diving, they can start doing snorkeling at an early age.

My son’s first contact with the water was when he was 9 months old, doing a series of exercises that helped him later on to familiarize with being submerged in water.

For a kid, it’s an adventure to do snorkeling, watch fishes and corals. They take interest in identifying whatever they can using any references like books, movies, photos and a visit to the aquarium may take a whole new level of excitement.

Then, at the age of eleven-twelve they can start diving.

These activities represent a huge opportunity to learn new concepts and to practice motricity*.

On our last vacation we took our kid to the beach and after an hour he felt completely comfortable in the water, we did a lot of snorkeling around a pier. We watched tons of fishes and corals; it was very shallow but my kid couldn’t stand-up, so for precaution as should always be, he used a class II foam PFD for kids.

It’s well known the benefits of swimming on kids; doing snorkeling will develop the same gross motor skills as swimming as well as providing balance and coordination, strength and endurance. To these we should add body and surroundings awareness, a sensory process. And movement planning.

Movement planning is a sequencing skills that are required to accomplish a task, such as dressing and eating. This process impacts the ability to organize themselves and learn new routines.

So snorkeling provides a complex planning activity for a kid, which will benefit his motor and mental process.

I teach the kids the proper procedure and behavior to make this activity safety and regularly I invite the parents to participate. This extra will bring a cohesion in the relationship between parents and sons.

If you have any question, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

  • Faculty or power of movement by the body or a body part.
  • ** PFD Personal Flotation Device or Buoyancy control device


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