Sport Diver Magazine

End of an era III

Cochran Rebreather review in the Sport Diving Magazine, Jan 1998.
honouring Mike’s work.

Navy Air 79

End of an era II

Below you’ll find some pictures took by Doug Elsey that were commissioned by Cochran during the 2011 deep expedition and a few iconic advertisement form Cochran throughout time in Sport Diver Magazine.
Honouring Mike’s work.

Cochran Undersea Technology

Gemeni Dive Computer Wrist Unit

Product Introduction: The GEMINI Wrist Unit (WU) is quite simple to use and operate, but underneath that simplicity lays a significant level of sophistication. To get the safest and most effective use of this instrument, it is important that the user fully understand the product. Please read and understand this entire manual and know the […]

Mike Cochran

End of an era, Cochran Undersea Technology is no more

NAVY and Mike:
One of the leader in dive industry has closed the door. It is sad moment, because much of the investigations, conversations and technologies that was furge during decades aren’t available anymore. As tribute I’m going to publish a series of articles that reflects decades of investigations and advancement and development.

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