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Disponibles para Latino América.
Nitrox, Trimix, OC, CCR, Controlador eCCR.

Need an offline desktop logbook for your Freedom Computer?

Wetnotes desktop is a program based on Windows PC made for the range of DiveSoft dive computers. It is very simple, its purpose is to substitute for the Online based program, which is a completed tool for analyzes your dives. Nonetheless when you don’t have an access to Internet, you may use this program to display your dives.
Logbook para las computadoras (ordenadores) de buceo Freedom de DiveSoft. Se usa como sustituto del programa en línea. Mayormente cuando no se tiene acceso a internet.


Reseña rápida del ordenador (computador) de buceo Freedom de Divesoft

Reseña (en video YouTube) del ordenador de buceo Freedom de Divesoft

World Record Rebreather Dive Oct 28th 2004 (Author: Dave Shaw)

If you’re frequent reader, you’d noticed that we review events occurred at the diving community. Because history should be studied and comprehend, for two main reasons: first, “learn from it” and secondly, “to know where we came from”. Without further ado, lets get into this wonderful article lost in time over the net (printed as […]

Dive Computer Validation Procedures

Summary The results of the Validation of Dive Computers Workshop, convened by the Baromedical and Environmental Physiology Group of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology on 24 August 2011 in Gdansk, Poland are reported in this volume. The workshop objectives were to discuss the validation of dive computers for use by working (commercial inshore) […]

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