Need an offline desktop logbook for your Freedom Computer?

Wetnotes desktop is a program based on Windows PC made for the range of DiveSoft dive computers. It is very simple, its purpose is to substitute for the Online based program, which is a completed tool for analyzes your dives. Nonetheless when you don’t have an access to Internet, you may use this program to display your dives.
Logbook para las computadoras (ordenadores) de buceo Freedom de DiveSoft. Se usa como sustituto del programa en línea. Mayormente cuando no se tiene acceso a internet.

DIVESOFT Wetnotes Desktops

Wetnotes is a desktop program that you may use in substitutions of the “Online Wetnotes” when you don’t have access to Internet, mostly on the field. If you want all the features of the Wetnotes, you must use the online based program. Wetnotes is a PC Windows based program made for the Freedom Dive Computers […]