TechDeco The new app on the block, and it is good!

Are you looking for a decompression planner app for Android? Look no farther! Disclaimer: This is only for Android and I don’t know the developer. The user interface (UI) is quite simple but effective, this includes the display and how the user interact with the input and output information. Everything needs to be manage through […]


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Understanding nucleation as a process and what divers can do to mitigate it.

Wednesday letter What’s new: I added the following text on the physiology course: Divers have a generalized concept that decompression bubbles form with ascent and reduced its sizes with a decrease in ambient pressure but this isn’t completely accurate, tiny microbubbles are already present prior depressurization. Which means that two factors should be present for […]

Dominance in cardiac parasympathetic activity during real recreational SCUBA diving

Abstract: It was already established that exposure to hyperbaric conditions induces vagal-depended bradycardia but Weld study on autonomic nervous system (ANS) activity during self-contained underwater breathing apparatus (SCUBA) diving is lacking. The aim of the present study was to evaluate ANS modification during real recreational SCUBA diving using heart rate variability analysis (time-domain, frequency-domain and […]