The brain behind FATHOM Dive Systems

Charlie Roberson

FATHOM Dive Systems is a manufacturing company that focuses on life-support equipment for underwater exploration. Charlie is the brainchild of FATHOM, a cave diver and explorer, who sought to make products for his own exploration. The company’s goal is to produce innovative, functional, and reliable equipment for underwater exploration.

Charlie is very intelligent and have an acute mind and a calm way of expressing himself, deep in thoughts and reflexive 1.

He is a leader and an entrepreneur, but overall is not afraid to speak up for what he believes and to pursue his dreams.

Charlie is a father, a husband, a lawyer, a self-taught engineer and scientist, a diver and an explorer… take your pick!

1 Reflexivity is the process of continual reflection upon the research process by a researcher; at the heart of reflexivity is the idea of self-awareness.

It is my pleasure to bring you this wonderful conversation:

How to connect with Charlie:

  • Website
  • Facebook Group
  • News and Events:
  • DEMA 2020
  • ST. LAWRENCE RIVER Diving & demos, Dates: June 12- 14
  • Join us on Memorial Day weekend (Sunday May 24, after the NSS-CDS Conference) for a Fathom CCR demo event at Blue Grotto. Lunch will be served.
  • TEK-DIVE USA, Abril 24- 26


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