Understanding nucleation as a process and what divers can do to mitigate it.

Wednesday letter

What’s new:

I added the following text on the physiology course:

Divers have a generalized concept that decompression bubbles form with ascent and reduced its sizes with a decrease in ambient pressure but this isn’t completely accurate, tiny microbubbles are already present prior depressurization. Which means that two factors should be present for the occurrence of DCS, micronuclei and supersaturation.

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What I’m reading

Deep into Deco

A wonderful and very easy to read diving physiology book, a must for all divers.

What app I’m enjoying

You know that I’m a yoga practitioner, love doing yoga every morning.

I found I new Yoga app to help me accomplished my goal (of morning exercises). “Down Dog” – Check it out, it is very useful for me!

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