Wednesday letter. January 10, 2018

Hello world! Welcome to Wednesday letter, a list of what I’m doing or pondering.

What I’m learning- it was a surprise to find this ( wonderful channel on YouTube. The channel is promoted as a calisthenics learning project; which is, a very good description of it. But it is also about personal growth.

I’m doing myself a morning routine and making my own set of exercises base on calisthenics, swimming, yoga and band exercises, which will serve well for divers.

I will make a post about this in other time- I’m working on it.

Check out the channel:

On the scuba diving- I’m making online lessons to understand and use Cochran Computers for everyone, check it out:

Quote of the day- “Hal Moore on Leadership: Winning When Outgunned and Outmanned.”

– Instinct is a combination of personality reading, experience and education…

See you next week,


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